Arquitectura Expo Zaragoza/ Freddy Massad
The International Exposition, Expo Zaragoza 2008, is one of the greatest international events of the year, featuring large scale urban projects. With water as the central theme, the building designs of acclaimed architects Enrique de Teresa, Nieto y Sobejano, Francisco Mangado, Olano y Mendo Arquitectos, Álvaro Planchuelo, Torres y Martinez Lapeña, ACXT and Zaha Hadid host the different events and pavillions. This volume analyses the making of the architectonic complex and its landscape, critically examining the meaning and importance of Expo Zaragoza 2008 as a 21st century model for an urban development strategy. The architectonic pieces reflect the cultural and social dynamics transforming architecture today in Spain.

Arquitectura Expo Zaragoza/ Freddy Massad

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