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Bare Facts/ Aaron Betsky
The AM NAi Prize for young Dutch architects provides a snapshot of the new generation working in Europe, and a barometer for the future of Dutch and EU architecture. Bare Facts documents 2006's five nominated projects in detail, and explores the context in which the buildings were created. Out of 75 projects submitted, the five finalists for the prize include: the CONO Cheese Factory, an "impressive composition of cubes" designed by Bastiaan Jongerius Architects; the colorful Rotterdam De Plussenburgh building by Arons & Gelauff; BAR's Brughuis building in Middelburg, called "a jewel balancing on the water"; the interior of Rotterdam's WORM building by 2012 Architects, which the jury appreciated both for its cultural program and its recycling of materials; and the KAPKAR/TAW-BW-5860 building by Frank Havermans, which is described as "pure ideology." With photo documentation and contributions by critics and jury members, including Aaron Betsky, Lucas Verweij and Lara Schrijver.

Bare Facts/ Aaron Betsky

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