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Corinth – A Feast of Painting/ Stephan Koja
The creator of an impressive and vibrant body of work, Lovis Corinth (1858-1925) was one of the most renowned German artists of his time. He was prolific, creating more than 1,000 paintings in many genres including allegorical scenes, mythological and religious themes, still lifes, interiors, landscapes, self-portraits and portraits, dozens of which featured his beloved wife. A sensualist in his life and work, Corinth's paintings seem to embody an unbridled attack on the canvas. Corinth suffered a debilitating stroke in middle-age believed to have been brought on in part by his libertine lifestyle, but the ensuing paralysis did nothing to curtail his impressive output and instead only served to strengthen the vitality of his work. This book discusses the most significant events and works in Corinth's career and reproduces a representative sample of his art. An essay by neurologist Hansjorg Bazner explores the effects of Corinth's stroke on the artist's visual perception and the resulting consequences for his art. Including a chapter on the key works in the collection of the Belvedere Museum in Vienna, an essay discussing Corinth's technique and a brief biographical overview, this volume is an exciting contribution to the study of this important artist.

Corinth – A Feast of Painting/ Stephan Koja

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