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Event Design Yearbook 2012 / 2013
- The first yearbook for live communication - Trends and highlights in event design - Around 30 international events How can a stirring, original and gripping event be presented in a staged setting? What kind of marketing event awakens the interest of customers, employees or exhibition visitors alike? Answers to these and many other questions about live communication are provided in the new Even Design Yearbook! Around 30 international examples show multi-facetted solutions for extremely different tasks in the following categories: Corporate, Employee, Public, Exhibition and Consumer Event. The design and the dramaturgical process are demonstrated by texts, many illustrations and plans. Supplementing the practical part, theoretical articles on the psychology of brand presentation and on sustainable event marketing round off the book. The participating agencies in 2011/12: Apostrophy’s, ARNO Design, ATELIER BRÜCKNER, Atelier Markgraph, BBDO Live, Blue Scope Communications, Braunwagner, CE+Co, CREATORS concept & media, dan pearlman, flora&faunavisions, HAGEN INVENT, insglück, jangled nerves, Jung von Matt/Alster, Jung von Matt/relations, LIGANOVA – The BrandRetail Company, Milla & Partner, Mutabor Design, Schmidhuber + Partner, Siegelwerk, Uniplan, visuarte, VOK DAMS.

Event Design Yearbook 2012 / 2013

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