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Form and Light: From Bauhaus to Tel Aviv/ Yigal Gawze
The fragment is an essential part of a structure that carries within it the genetic code of the whole. Yigal Gawze’s photographs distill the essence of the Bauhaus through one aspect of the school’s wider impacts, capturing the abstraction, simplicity, and optimism of early modernism in the city of Tel Aviv. Concentrating on the subtle effects of natural light on architecture, Gawze highlights the encounter between a building style originating in Europe and the glare of the Mediterranean. His images culminate in a portrait of place, revealing the poetic essence of the White City’s architecture and the role light takes in shaping it. A vivid portrait of a UNESCO heritage site, this volume also pays homage to the Bauhaus spirit and the avant-garde photographers of the 1920s. Featuring dazzling photographs and illuminating essays, Form and Light is a tribute to past ideals and present renewal, enhancing the current relevance of the modernist movement in an exceptional urban setting.

Form and Light: From Bauhaus to Tel Aviv/ Yigal Gawze

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