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New Talent Annual 2006/ B. Martin Pedersen
Whether you are competing for the top new design talent, or are just looking for fresh ideas, you can't be without New Talent 2005. This latest edition in the annual series provides the premier international forum for students seeking to enter the professional graphic design arena. The new designers' work is showcased in lavish color, and the book is packed with fresh and imaginative examples of effective advertising, corporate identity design, illustration, product design, and more--all prepared for school assignments. Detailed indices, credits, and other valuable reference information make this a must-have book for design professionals.

New Talent Annual 2006/ B. Martin Pedersen

342.00 ₪מחיר

10% הנחה על ספרים במחיר מלא (בקנייה מעל 660 ש"ח)

  • החלפות בתוך חודש ימים מיום הקניה בחנות הדגל- כיכר רבין 9 ת"א
  • אין החזרות

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