Parkett No. 83
In this issue of Parkett, Richard Flood writes, "Christopher Wool hasn't left much of the American angst and anger out of his art. The terse staccato of his language--rushing between noir wise guys, Burma Shave teasers, Punk rants, Lenny Bruce riffs and Zen smack downs--is a mad imploded sampler of rage, denial and brutal pragmatism." Scott Rothkopf takes on Wade Guyton's latest inkjet paintings in bull's-eye prose. And writing on Robert Frank, Eileen Myles claims: "Pull My Daisy refers to a g-string being dropped away, but the emotional underpinnings of this film make it more like a red flag being waved at a bull." Also, Paul Chan on Paul Sharits, Max Wechsler on Félix Vallotton, Thomas Eaton on Kenneth Anger, Burkhard Meltzer on Susan Philipsz and Victor Tupitsyn. Insert by Kerstin Brätsch, spine by Paulina Olowska.

Parkett No. 83

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