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Print and Production Finishes for CD and DVD Packaging/ Loewy
This is the first design book to look at the creativity within this growing market of DVD packaging, and its future potential. In response to the rising interest in CDs and DVDs as desirable objects, this book explores the creation of groundbreaking packaging from a production point of view. In addition to the traditional graphic elements of cover art, it explores special features of the physical packaging itself: formats, bindings, casings, materials, textures, and finishes. From movie to music packaging, the book explores both the creative inspiration behind the work (the artwork, typography, materials, printing techniques, and formats) and the practical considerations and restrictions (record company stipulations, inclusion of essential material, and budgets). Through award-winning work from the last decade, Print and Production Finishes for CD and DVD Packaging shows how designers exploit the 2-D and 3-D qualities of CD and DVD packaging to create highly collectable works of art. From producing the latest aspirational Deluxe Box to making a standard format exciting, this book is both an indispensable practical guide and a sourcebook for ideas. By analyzing the best in the business, it gives readers a thorough understanding of the design opportunities available with standard and special packaging, and how materials and print and production processes can be utilized to create something special.

Print and Production Finishes for CD and DVD Packaging/ Loewy

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