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Buro Happold/ Peter Davey
Our planet’s resources are finite, and the engineer’s work must take this fact into account. Sustainable elements should be foremost at every stage of a building's design, including the façade, building technology, lighting, rainwater use, as well as heating and ventilation strategies. The international, multi-disciplinary engineering firm Buro Happold has been active in sustainable and environmental engineering design for thirty years and has earned a reputation for expertise and excellence in this field. This book introduces the work of the firm, presenting selected projects with a wide range of constructional detail. Included are the roof of the Queen Elizabeth II courtyard of the British Museum (with Foster and Partners), the Millennium Dome in London (with Richard Rogers), and the Wessex Water Headquarters in Bath. The firm focuses on realizing ideas in an ecologically sensible way and developing solutions from a long-term perspective.

Buro Happold/ Peter Davey

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