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Der Ingenieurbahnhof/ Klaus Grewe
Constructing the new Berlin Central Station Lehrter Bahnhof - Over more than five years, Berlin photographer Roland Horn accompanied the structural work for the new Berlin central station with his camera. In fascinating pictures, he first recorded the demolition of the old Lehrter City Station, which then gave way to a huge hole in the ground for the construction pits, out of which rose this gigantic traffic structure with the largest railway interchange in Europe on top of subway line U 5 and fereral road B 96 tunnels. Horn was fascinated by the people who worked on these structures, and by the beauty of the construction materials: steel, wood and concrete. The best pictures of his photographic reportage in black and white are published in this book for the first time. Editors Klaus Grewe and Bernd Timmers (of STRABAG) selected a number of texts for this publication which tell the 'structural story' in detail, illustrated with tables and drawings, from the point of view of both workers and engineers so that readers get an idea of the enormous scope of this project.

Der Ingenieurbahnhof/ Klaus Grewe

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