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cover of Fatherhood Scenarios by multiple authors

Fatherhood Scenarios offers a wide range of perspectives, including different cultural and ethnic perspectives and chapters considering the role of the father throughout the lifespan, including experiences of gay fathers, adoptive fathers, and disabled fathers.


With contributors from around the world representing diverse mental health disciplines, these chapters constitute a harmonious gestalt of knowledge, information, theory, and socio-clinical dimensions pertaining to fatherhood. The emphasis of all these sections is nonetheless the psychosocial tasks of fatherhood as it undergoes subtle and gradual transformation with the offspring’s growth through childhood and adolescence to full adulthood, including becoming a parent themselves. The book also traces the portrayal of fatherhood in popular media including television and movies keeping in mind their evolution and transformation over the past many decades.


Spanning a vast terrain of psychosocial concern, Fatherhood Scenarios will be of great appeal to mental health professionals, psychotherapists, child psychiatrists, and family welfare workers in practice and in training.

Fatherhood Scenarios \ multiple authors

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