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green designed: Fashion/ CHRISTINE BIERHALS

”green designed: Fashion” presents about 55 innovative fashion designers and projects that work with an ecological consciousness. In the production, the designers are oriented toward or already completely fulfil environmentally and socially sound standards. This volume shows eco-fashion in every possible variation, ranging from the small, original t-shirt collection to exclusive haute couture that lives up to the standards set by Parisian fashion icons. The topic is red-hot because a green conscience is trendy, even in fashion. Ecofashion is a lifestyle and has become a moral statement. It is healthy, sustainable, and fair – and that sells well. The eco labels create a new niche that does justice to the trend, while retaining its individuality. And, in contrast to mass production, individuality is more in demand than ever. This situation has made it possible for even small fashion projects to establish themselves and not get lost in the fashion jungle. Including Adidas, Amerian Apparel, Filippa K, Katherine Hamnett, Levis, Nike, Noir, Smiley Collection and many others.

green designed: Fashion/ CHRISTINE BIERHALS

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