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Karin Jobst/ Nancy Barr
"Karin Jobsts photographs distinguish themselves in a subtle, poetic manner, brought in accordance with a stringent imagery." Wim Wenders In 2010, artist Karin Jobst arrived for the first time in Detroit from her native Germany. She was not awestruck by the city's empty buildings and depopulated streets, but felt compelled to develop a fresh body of work inspired by Detroit's sense of time, place, and history. Using the medium of photography, she continued working in Detroit through 2012. Select photographs from her numerous visits to the Motor City are the subject of "Detroit for John, Mary Lou and Mr. Duke". Progressive in her conception and presentation of the series, Jobst does not create a city history or interpretation with a clear, linear narrative structure or with regard to formal traditions associated with photography. Without beginning, middle, or end, the images build on a continuum of content and visual information that express Detroit's specificity as a contemporary urban environment. Karin Jobst holds a Master of Fine Arts in photography from the Academy of Fine Arts, HFBK Hamburg, Germany. She studied with Katharina Bosse, Silke Grossmann and Wim Wenders. She has taken photographs of a nuclear power station, traveled on a container ship from Germany to New York, and photographed one of the largest tunnels built in North America, in Niagara Falls.

Karin Jobst/ Nancy Barr

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