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Peter Skubic: Between/ Helen W. Drutt
This is the first publication devoted to the complete oeuvre of the unconventional artist Peter Skubic from Austria. For years, Skubic has been exploring jewellery as a medium and found new solutions. He does not believe that jewellery necessarily has to be worn, but primarily regards Skubic often uses steel and, more rarely, gold. The shapes of his creations are angular and squared. The objects are constructed from various parts and held in tension by mechanical forces such as stress and strain, by magnetic forces, or the elasticity of the material. The most important criteriaare satisfactory proportions, which impress themselves upon the observer by the escetic spareness of the creations. The book includes objects produced over more than 30 years, the results of his search for new ways of expression and for the limits and boundaries of jewellery. For his action 'Jewellery Under the Skin' the artist wore a shaped jewellery implant under the skin of his left forearm for 7 years as a reference to hi

Peter Skubic: Between/ Helen W. Drutt

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