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cover of Shapeshifter by Ran Slavin

Shapeshifter is the first comprehensive publication documenting Israeli artist Ran Slavin’s work. Active since the early 1990s, Slavin’s transmedia production encompasses narrative films, immersive installations, photography, soundscapes and CGI multiverses. A perfect example of what could be dubbed ‘Israeli Futurism’, Slavin’s tech-based output elicits a reflection on the conflictual dynamics at the basis of Israel and the ongoing metamorphosis of Jewish identity. The book offers an overview of the artist’s main projects to date through a visual flow that echoes the floating cinematic imagery and futuristic ethereal phantasies that make Slavin’s work so distinctive and mesmerising. Drawing from cinema, videogames and anime, Slavin’s art reminds us that the distinction between reality and dreaming, the material and immaterial, and the visible and invisible has never been so blurred as in our post-pandemic times.

Shapeshifter \ Ran Slavin

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שנת הוצאה: 2022

עמודים: 320

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