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Alternatives Shops/ Jin Zhan
This lavishly illustrated volume showcases a selection of the most fascinating and memorable boutiques in Shanghai, from internationally renowned brands like Adidas, Base and Shanghai Tang, to smaller local boutiques that are by no means less distinctive.  Shanghai today is a living sourcebook for retail design, with its status as a meeting place for diverse traditional and modern architectural styles from both East and the West. Retail landmarks such as the Bund and Xintiandi play host to many of the worlds most exciting brand and boutiques.  Alternative Shops is an exhilarating visual journey through some of the most vibrant and distinctive shops and boutiques.  Illustrated with full-colour photographs, it showcases the diverse and compelling ways in which space is used to create some of the most coherent and powerful brand identities today!

Alternatives Shops/ Jin Zhan

199.00 ₪מחיר

10% הנחה על ספרים במחיר מלא (בקנייה מעל 660 ש"ח)

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