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Embracing Therapeutic Complexity/ Patricia Gianotti

In an era where instant gratification has filtered into training programs geared toward technique-driven solutions, Embracing Therapeutic Complexity takes a step back and re-introduces fundamental touchstones that enable clinicians to apply an integrative treatment model in the service of in-depth healing and growth.

Using attachment theory as a bridge, this text connects key principles and practices that cut across various therapeutic disciplines and combines them into a unified framework where readers do not have to put aside their expertise in order to benefit from the skill sets provided in this book. In addition, this text addresses the impact that power and privilege have had on shaping our psychological constructs, and it challenges cultural assumptions and blind spots that have shaped our treatment approaches in the past.

Furthermore, this book illustrates how the application of psychodynamic principles can be combined with advances in trauma treatment, thus offering a practical guide for both beginning and seasoned therapists to amplify and expand their current clinical expertise

Embracing Therapeutic Complexity/ Patricia Gianotti

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