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Seung H-Sang Document/ Seung H-Sang
[Preface] The architecture introduced in this book is part of the work I have conducted over the last quarter century. Including the 15 years I worked for Kim Swoo Geun, that makes more than 40 years of a career in architecture, or long enough to call it a ‘lifelong career’. Yet even now, I can-not alwayy work as an architect. I always my hesitatingly on the drawing deep into the night. What’s worse, the result of my countless hours of pain and hesitation so often turns out to be so unsatisfactory to me. Hence I am always embarrassed to announce the completion of a project to the general public. That is why over the past years I have preferred to stay away from architecture magazines. I knew of course that I should not have behaved that way. As one who be-lieves that the work of an architect belongs to the public rather than a handful of individuals, I should live up to this belief and let my work be judged by the public. That was the urge, the sense of responsibility that pushed me to release this book. I had to call this book a design document rather than a portfolio or collection of my work. I believe architecture is about the reorganization of the life of those who live in the building based on my respect and love for them. Being a record of such work, I would never call this book a portfolio. / Seung H-Sang

Seung H-Sang Document/ Seung H-Sang

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