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Vermeer in Detail/ Gary Schwartz
Girl with a Pearl Earring. The Lacemaker, The Milkmaid: the paintings of Dutch master Johannes Vermeer (1632–1675) are among the most famous and beloved—and closely examined—in the history of art. But how did he achieve such photographic precision? Reflective lenses? A camera obscura? Uncanny visual acuity? Many theories have been proposed, but his ability to conjure up such astonishingly beautiful detail is still debated by scholars. Vermeer in Detail showcases this brilliance through an accessible and engaging survey of the artist's most treasured paintings, each presented in full and in numerous close-up details. Vermeer scholar Gary Schwartz offers fresh insights into the individual works and the artist’s life—about which very little is known. But one fact is clear: His paintings are truly exceptional.

Vermeer in Detail/ Gary Schwartz

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